When I thought of starting this blog, I immediately thought of all my favorite restaurants and spots to eat, and how I wanted to document and share it all. Then I got to thinking how excited I was to be able to try all new foods, and places I don’t typically (or ever) frequent.

This one starts with one of my favorite places to grab a quick meal. Chipotle Mexican Grill. Specifically the location on Walden Ave, across from Target. I’ve been going to this location since it opened back in late October, and it has become my favorite.

Let’s start this off by saying the burritos you get from Chipotle are the size of small children.

Chipotle Burrito

"Size of a small child"

I’m a big eater, trust me. This will fill you up. Not only will it defeat hunger, it will do so with the best taste imaginable.

It all starts at your choice of Burrito, Tacos(3), Salad, Burrito Bowl. All choices come with their cilantro-lime rice and pinto or vegetarian black beans or fajita veggies. The rice is delicious. My absolute favorite thing Chipotle offers. I always order extra. Then comes the meat choices: Steak, Chicken, Carnitas(shredded pork) and Barbacoa(spicy shredded beef). Once the meat is piled on, you get your choice of four salsas. Fresh tomato(no spice), roasted chili-corn(mild), tomatillo-Green Chili(med) and tomatillo-Red Chili Salsa(hot). Then your classic choices of cheese, guac($1.85 extra), sour cream and lettuce.

The meat is incredible.

  • Juicy cubes of steak marinated for hours in a smoky, spicy chipotle pepper adobo, then grilled to a juicy, medium-rare.
  • Threads of naturally raised pork seasoned with thyme, bay, juniper berries and cracked black pepper and braised until meltingly tender.
  • Spicy, shredded beef barbacoa, slowly braised for hours in a blend of chipotle pepper adobo, cumin, cloves, garlic and oregano until tender and moist.
  • Naturally raised chicken, marinated overnight in a smoky, spicy chipotle pepper adobo, then grilled.

The roasted chili-corn salsa is a must have. The sweetness of the corn perfectly offsets the spiciness of the roasted chilies and adds a wonderful compliment to the meal. The guacamole is good, but not worth the extra cost.

"Rice and roasted chili-corn salsa are must haves"

Chipotle has a “Food with Integrity” commitment and the company’s attention to this reflects on the taste and quality of the food.

It means serving the very best sustainably raised food possible with an eye to great taste, great nutrition and great value.

It means that we support and sustain family farmers who respect the land and the animals in their care.

It means that whenever possible we use meat from animals raised without the use of antibiotics or added hormones.

And it means that we source organic and local produce when practical. And that we use dairy from cows raised without the use of synthetic hormones.

Food With Integrity is a journey that started more than a decade ago and one that will never end.

Source: Chipotle.com

 Chipotle Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

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