Located on Harlem road at the corner of Maryvale drive is Most Pizza/JaFaFa Hots. The original JaFaFa Hots was opened there in 1946, but the original building was burnt to the ground after a bolt of lightning set fire to it in September 1979.

Original JaFaFa Hots

Original JaFaFa Hots

The Zylka Family purchased the property and re-opened in the Spring of 1980. They enjoyed great business until December 2006 when the complete reconstruction of Harlem and Maryvale forced them to close. The Zylka Family re-opened once again in 2009, and they are here to stay. Alongside their ever-popular hots and secret sauce, they also have added the “Most Pizza” featuring a full pizzeria menu.

Onto the food. In making the effort to really try something we don’t usually order, we got the Chicken & Artichoke Spinach Pizza, Chiavetta’s Wings, Mozzarella Sticks and French Fries.

The wings were the true winner of the meal.

Chiavetta's Charpit Wings

Chiavetta's Charpit Wings

The delicious flavor of the marinade and sauce reminded me that I need to eat Chiavetta’s more often. It was the nice charred taste of the meat infused with the vinegary sauce that really reminds you of the summer. Wings were are bit on the smaller size, but with the flavor home run, I’ll let the size slide.

The pizza on the other hand was just OK. I might have been too assumptive and thought the pizza would have the classic “Spinach Artichoke Dip” flavor to it. Yet it reminded me of a simple white pizza (cheese, tomato, onion) with chicken and artichoke and spinach. I was really expecting more flavor and something to grab my attention. The chicken itself was indiscernible at best and the rest of the toppings were so-so.

Chicken & Spinach Artichoke Pizza

Chicken & Spinach Artichoke Pizza

I will say that the french fries are quite good, always crisp, and never too oily. Mozzarella sticks were of the battered variety and were just fine. On other visits I’ve had Most Pizza’s excellent Steak Pizza. Highly recommended.

They offer over 35 different specialty pizza’s ranging from Parm Pizzas to Jamaican Jerk to Breakfast Pizzas. They also offer taco’s, salads and grilled items including hots, burgers and sausage. The sweet potato fries are on my wish list.


Most Pizza/JaFaFa Hots
3252 Harlem Rd. (Corner of Maryvale Dr.)
Cheektowaga, NY
Dine in-Take out-Delivery

Most Pizza/JaFaFa Hots

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