Lloyd Taco TruckAfter visiting Lloyd Taco Truck for just the second time since it’s beginnings this past summer, I’ve realized I don’t visit often enough. Frankly I don’t know even if I went as much as possible, would it satisfy my craving for what Lloyd has to offer. It’s that damn good. Today they offered Fish Tacos for Lent and they were just as outstanding as my first visit.



Lloyd's Fish Taco

These beauties are double lined for maximum flavor protection. A couple of pieces of golden fried fish with chipotle sauce, fresh cabbage for crunch and a sprig of cilantro inside and all topped all off with lime and radish. The fresh ingredients pay off in flavor here in the seasoning and texture.

I was surprised on my first visit when instead of the usual shredded iceberg lettuce you get elsewhere, Lloyd cleverly replaces it with fresh cabbage. The added crunch and flavor were very welcomed on the braised beef burrito.

In addition to the aforementioned fish tacos($2.75/per), Lloyd also offers tacos ($2.25/per), burritos($5.50), and “tricked out nachos”($5.50) which all come with your choice of grilled chicken, braised beef, tomatillo pork or stewed beans. They are also currently offering homemade chili and Aztec hot chocolate!

Lloyd’s usual hangout is at Main and Mohawk downtown, but can also be spotted at the Larkin at Exchange building. Usual hours are Monday – Friday from 11:45a-1:15p. To always keep up to date on their location and hours that day, Follow them on Twitter: @whereslloyd!

Lloyd Taco Truck
(Moving Target in Buffalo, NY)
Call ahead order: (716) 863-9781

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Mark Miller

Mark is the owner of Ice and Bites, an epicure and a former Sabres media member for WBSU. Be sure to find him on Twitter or Facebook to chat!

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2 Responses to Quick Bites: Lloyd Taco Truck

  1. […] Roaming Buffalo was my second food truck experience, and after multiple visits to Lloyd, I was expecting this meal from a truck adventure to continue along the same awesome […]

  2. Deborah Ma says:

    Can’t wait to see you on “Taco Tuesdays” @ Larkin Square when we get there for the summer. Menu looks awesome. Website excellent!

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