I want to preface this post with saying that Kabab and Curry is currently my favorite restaurant. The high quality of food combined with great experiences make this restaurant a must try, but the problem is some people seem to need a little convincing to try Indian cuisine. It’s somewhat disappointing when someone is turned off by the mention of it because of their unwillingness to simply try.

Lamb Karahi at Kabab and Curry

Lamb Karahi

Kabab and Curry is located on Transit Road between Maple and Sheridan. It’s the only tenant in a small plaza and the restaurant is able to accommodate large parties, private events and also will cater all across the area.

Whether you are new to Indian and/or Pakistani cuisine or are well versed in the selection of Naan and Vindaloo and Tandoori entrées, you will always find something properly suited for your tastes. Spice should never drive you away from the food here. The spice level can be adjusted to suit your taste from plain (no spice), mild, medium, spicy (equivalent of “hot”) and hot (“for patrons with previous experience with Indian food”). Though, I cannot properly judge how well they do really spicy as I usually stick to medium. The spice is really done well. It draws out flavor from the meats and sauces and lingers on your tongue with every bite.

I have yet to find a dish or item that was not up to the standards that I expect from this place. I have such a love for lamb, but it tends to be some of the most expensive of the carnivorous choices at any restaurant.

The Lamb Karahi is delicious, a wok of sorts which is filled with moist pieces of lamb marinated and cooked in a wonderfully thick ginger and garlic flavored sauce. Spooned over fresh basmati rice and mopped up with warm naan, this dish is rich and satisfying.

Malai Tikka at Kabab and Curry

Malai Tikka

Malai Tikka is strips of juicy chicken breast marinated overnight in yogurt, sour cream, lemon and spices, then baked in the Tandoor (clay oven) until sizzling and tender. It’s served similar to Fajita style, where it comes out on a hot metal platter full of onions with a few slices of tomato and green pepper. The aroma of the dish is incredible, which can really be said for all the food at K&C. We’ve found that Malai Tikka is an excellent meal for someone who might be a little hesitant in trying this new cuisine.

Starters are worth trying. The mixed vegetable platter is our favorite. Seekh Kabab is incredible and the Papri Chaat is good for fans of chickpeas.

Of the flavored naans, the Lacha Paratha is the best. Two layers with butter in between and it has a great taste. The paneer (cheese) and garlic naans come up a bit short in terms of flavor. Plain naan is good, sometimes overcooked but remains my go-to choice.

Kabab and Curry offers 3 buffets as well. A Monday through Friday lunch buffet from 11:30a-2:30p, a Saturday and Sunday brunch buffet from 11:30a-3:00p and a Wednesday night dinner buffet from 5:00p-9:00p.

The dinner buffet might be the best deal going. It is $12.95. Serving 9+ items, they usually have 3-4 vegetarian options as well as Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Mahkni. Their Chicken Mahkni was winner of a 2009 Golden Fork Award from Buffalo Chow. Kabab and Curry’s Kheer (rice pudding) has won the award for Best Dessert at the Taste of Buffalo 2009 and is included in the buffet as well as Galub Jamun, another dessert. Plain naan and masala tea are included.

The service has always been outstanding and Kabab and Curry is highly recommended. It always feels like I’m really treating myself when I go there. You do not even need to consider yourself the ‘adventurous’ type to visit and try the delicious food. There is something for everyone and everyone will go home happy.


Seekh Kabab Starter at Kabab and Curry

Seekh Kabab Starter

Vegetable Samosas at Kabab and Curry

Vegetable Samosas

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