There has been plenty of buzz surrounding the Buffalo food truck movement. If you haven’t heard, please take a minute and understand what Elmwood Taco and Sub, Jim’s Steakout, and Just Pizza are doing to stymie the efforts of the local hard working food tuck owners and operators. WNY Media-Alan Bedenko and Tsujimoto

The Roaming Buffalo was my second food truck experience, and after multiple visits to Lloyd, I was expecting this meal from a truck adventure to continue along the same awesome path.

The Roaming Buffalo offers a simple yet fulfilling menu that any Western New Yorker can relate to. Sticking with burgers, dogs, beef on weck, and even wings, Roaming Buffalo keeps the locals satisfied with Sahlens hot dogs, Weber’s mustard, Miller’s horseradish (no relation) and of course, Franks Red Hot.

Owner Chris Taylor was on hand to chat. He told us that he and the two girls he was working with all used to or still work at a local pizzeria. He decided to open a food truck and The Roaming Buffalo was born.

Our visit took place on a rather overcast day and there was no line, but a few people eating at the picnic tables nearby. We walked up and announced that I was #400 fan on The Roaming Buffalo’s Facebook Page and I was rewarded (in full disclosure) with some free “balls”. We also ordered a Buffalo Classic Burger ($5) with Bacon Jam, Bacon Bleu Burger (a special-$6), Sweet Potato Fries ($3), and Honey Garlic Chicken Wings (also a special-5 for $3).

Sweet Potato Fries, B-Lo Classic Burger, Honey Garlic Wings, Buffalo "Balls"

Hands down, our favorite part of the meal was the burgers. They are homemade 80/20, specially seasoned, juicy, delicious meat patties. Instead of serving another ho hum previously frozen chunk of puck you see so often, Roaming Buffalo’s burger was really good and unexpected. Chris let us know that there’s some crushed red pepper for spice and some honey for balance in those among other secret ingredients and they really shine. The Bacon Bleu was served on a fresh Ciabatta roll with crumbled Bleu cheese and thick cut bacon. The Classic is served with cheese, red onion, dill pickle, lettuce and tomato. Also, your choice of toppings including ketchup, Webers mustard, and Bacon Jam. The Jam is exactly what it sounds like; thick, semi sweet, tangy and full of bacon flavor. It tasted great on my Classic burger.

Bacon Bleu Burger on Ciabatta

The Honey Garlic wings were cooked perfectly. I credit this to years of experience in the aforementioned pizzeria. They were tossed in a sweet honey sauce that was laced with minced garlic. They were a little too sweet and too light on the garlic flavor. Just barely missing that pizzazz. They really have something working there and I’m interested in any improvement or possibly making them at home, because it was an interesting combo I hadn’t thought of before. 5 for $3 is an EXCELLENT price, but my 5 were smaller wings than say, Duff’s.

Hand cut sweet potato fries were tasty. Drizzled with honey, butter and cinnamon, they were fried to a nice dark brown exterior and steamy fluffy interior. They were by no means overcooked, but fried long enough to ensure these fresh cut fries were done.

Deep fried Buffalo Balls were nothing special, but good nonetheless. Simple (not homemade) dough balls deep fried and coated in powdered sugar or cinnamon-sugar. Similar to carnival food and for $2, people will buy.

I left the benches in front of the Buffalo-Niagara Convention Center satisfied with The Roaming Buffalo. I would recommend them if your in the downtown area, and to give them a try a least once even if your not.

Make sure you follow them on Twitter for menu details and location/hours: @RoamingBuffalo1

The Roaming Buffalo
Mobile Location (Food Truck)
Buffalo, NY
(716) 548-4344
Take Away
Mon-Fri 11:30a to 2:30p

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Mark Miller

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